About us Kijtanant

We started as a local construction material supplier and contractor, combining practical experience with expertise in construction. Over time, we have grown continuously, expanding our scope to become a capable contractor in managing medium to large-scale projects. This includes various types of projects, from residential buildings such as condominiums, apartments, hotels, to commercial and industrial buildings.


  • Act as the main contractor, submitting bids or being directly awarded contracts by project owners.
  • Act as a subcontractor, especially when there are multiple projects beyond the capacity of a single contractor or when projects are complex or from foreign clients. We are open to considering subcontractor roles to collaborate and develop projects together.
  • Collaborate with other companies to jointly present project proposals as per the project owner’s requirements.
  • Engage in joint ventures, investing, managing, and sharing responsibilities with investors or project owners, both domestically and internationally. Under agreements with shared objectives and goals, our aim is to thrive and grow together.


Our vision is to strive towards being a leader in the construction and real estate development industry, utilizing cutting-edge technology and maintaining high standards of quality and ethical service. We aim to create customer satisfaction and meet their needs.